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Remote Patient Monitoring.

Better Clinical Effectiveness.

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Who We Are

SIPPA’s robust mobile app technology platform delivers a seamless interface between the clinician and patient that can cut through barriers that normally separate the two, increasing patient satisfaction.. Our solutions deliver mobile interoperability that unite patients across geographic boundaries, health providers and caregivers to provide real-time patient centric care. Among other capabilities, it features secure connectivity with remote biometric monitoring devices that enables the real-time exchange of patient health data with providers allowing for pro-active clinician intervention across the continuum of care.

who we are
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Why us

Patient Engagement

Patients and clinicians also benefit from personalized behavior and motivation tools for engaging patients to take ownership for establishing healthy lifestyle routines, resulting in better health outcomes and lower costs for all stakeholders.

Secure Data Exchange

We protect the data with biometric encryption. The privacy is our priority. The personal biometric data is never stored, but is acquired on-the-fly for a one-time use during the decryption process.


A Meaningful Value Partnership

With SIPPA technology, providers have a unique opportunity to maximize CPT code reimbursement when Telehealth remote patient monitoring devices, in concert SIPPA mobile applications, are utilized.  Reimbursement for initial RPM connectivity, supplies and monthly tele-consultation are all covered under the reimbursement codes. SIPPA can assist providers and organizations with gaining a better understanding on how to implement these revenue generating programs.

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